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Editorial 2016

Knowing for whom the bell tolls: acting locally and thinking globally. Brazil, Latin America and the Global Burden of Diseases, 2015

Invited editorial 2016

Bipedal locomotion, spinal pain and psychiatric disorders. Is this our future?

Towards a unified and standardized definition of the frailty phenotype

Editorials 2016

Thyroid disorders in Brazil: time for action

New findings about atherosclerosis in Brazil from the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)

Zika epidemic and social inequalities: Brazil and its fate

Renal disease screening: a potential tool for reducing health inequity

Editorials 2015

Smoking and cancer: Brazil and the Global Burden of Disease initiative

Non-communicable diseases in Brazil: a flood of data is coming!

Lifestyles and chronic non-transmissible diseases of the Brazilian population according to the National Health Survey: balance of the main results

Ethnicity and cardiovascular mortality in Brazil: a call for papers

Cardiovascular diseases in Brazil: premature mortality, risk factors and priorities for action. Comments on the preliminary results from the Brazilian National Health Survey (PNS), 2013

Why has the rise in obesity not reversed the decline in cardiovascular mortality? Cardiometabolic death rate trends in Brazil (1980-2011)

Editorial 2014

Smartphones and health promotion

Clinical Research Training

Willingness to pay... What???

Statistical significance and clinical significance

Observational studies: why are they so important

Time to say goodbye

Editorial 2013

Global Health Governance: a rising challenge

Internationalization of universities: the need to navigate in foreign waters

Minimally invasive surgery: a concept already incorporated

Quality evaluation of medical care in clinical practice

From classroom to bedside: integration of the basic science curriculum in medical teaching

Patents: unite to conquer

Editorial 2012

Great expectations

Twenty-first century: the beginning of the replacement parts era?

More doctors: better attention to the population’s health?

Bonus? No, just an onus

The concept of heart team in cardiac diseases: the patient is back as a priority in medical decisions

Telemedicine: a technological revolution

E-Learning: from useful to indispensable tool

Editorial 2011

Medical specialties and the job market

São Paulo Medical Journal: heading towards the 80th anniversary

Evidence-based psychology

Surgical treatment of heart failure: a hot topic

Editorial 2010

Current status of transplantation in Brazil

Professor Adib Jatene, a youth of 80 years*
Evidence-based assessment of new technologies: good for Barack Obama's healthcare plan and good for Brazil, and at everyone's reach through HTAi Rio 2011
Medical education beyond graduation: scientific initiation
Editorial 2009

The compass, crow's nest and ship of medicine in the sea of uncertainties

Evidence-based health technology assessments for the Brazilian National Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde, SUS) and for all*
Therapeutic effectiveness depends on propaedeutics
Cochrane highlights
Tracheal transplantation: is there lumen at the end of the tunnel?
Brazilian lung transplantation: an expanding universe
Editorial 2008

Evidence-based healthcare for all: a new era?

The technological invention of disease and the decline of autopsies
Primum non nocere. Quomo sapere? [Firstly, do no harm. How can we know this?] Drug-eluting stents versus surgery
Technical and academic scenarios for healthcare technology evaluations: Cochrane Library impact factor assessment of 4.65!
Health technology assessments, evidence-based healthcare and health ethics
Paths towards efficiency in healthcare
Editorial 2007

Technological evaluations: the need for evidence-informed healthcare

Systematic reviews followed by clinical trials, followed by systematic reviews: this is how the uncertainties in medicine are reduced
Evidence-based health care for all: support from the Brazilian Ministry of Health
CAPES publications portal: a decisive milepost in Brazilian scientifi c development providing sources of evidence for researchers, students and health professionals
Drug-eluting stent in diabetes
Effi ciency to enable equitable inclusion in relation to new technology
Editorial 2006

Good news

Evidence-based speech, language and hearing therapy and the Cochrane Library's systematic reviews
Does acupuncture work? Is there any evidence?
Obesity surgery and satiety control
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors during the fi rst trimester of pregnancy increase the incidence of fetal malformation, whereas calcium intake (1.0 to 2.0 g/day) prevents preeclampsia*
Cochrane Colloquium in São Paulo
Editorial 2005

Stroke in Brazil: a neglected disease

Why Brazil does not have an epidemic of chronic diseases: some answers from cardiovascular diseases
Dipyrone and blood dyscrasia revisited: "non-evidence based medicine"
Stem cell therapy, smoking and obesity
The "common soil" theory: coronary disease, diabetes and inflammation
The huge burden of minor symptoms: the case of migraine headaches